GatherContent Guide

Editing can be a messy business, so we use a web app called GatherContent to keep things in order!

GatherContent screenshot
GatherContent screenshot

GatherContent allows us (and you) to:

  • Import and export content
  • Easily add inline comments to content
  • Easily view and compare previous versions of content
  • Manage content through the editing process with email alerts from status changes
  • Manage complex deadlines

GatherContent also integrates with a range of CMSs, including WordPress.

Above all, GatherContent is quick to pick up and easy to use. Here’s a quick guide to how we use it (all external links open in new tab on the GatherContent website).

Logging in

When we set up your content, you’ll be sent a login email inviting you to your GatherContent project.

Adding your content

Gathercontent calls each piece of content an Item. Depending on your project, we may have already set up blank items for you, or you can create new ones.

Here’s GatherContent’s guide to adding content.

Workflow and status

We use a workflow system to manage content for editing, and to send alerts when content is submitted, and when it’s ready for export.

Viewing edited content

When your content is ready, we’ll send you an email notification. You can then log in and view what we’ve done.

If you open your content item, you can view our comments, add your own and see how we have edited your text by viewing.

These guides on GatherContent’s website cover different aspects of the editing process.

Exporting your content

GatherContent allows you to export your content in a number of ways – as a PDF or Word document, a CSV or an html file.

You can find out how to do any of these on GatherContent’s help site.

When you have successfully downloaded your item(s), please change their status to Content Exported. This lets us know the item is complete.

WordPress integration

We can integrate GatherContent directly with your website, especially with WordPress (the plugin can be found on the WordPress plugin repository). You’ll need some help from us in setting it up.

Questions? Need help?

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