Connecting your WordPress site to GatherContent

GatherContent has an API which allows it to connect to any WordPress site via a plugin, available for free on the WordPress Repository.

This allow us to exchange content quickly and easily – just press a button in the WordPress editor to send content to us, and press another to pull edited content back into your site.

The WordPress plugin can be set up on your site in about 10 minutes.

We do NOT control your site through GatherContent

The GatherContent plugin does NOT give us any control over your website.

GatherContent controls in WordPress post
GatherContent controls in WordPress

All movement of content between GatherContent and your website is controlled by you, and we can’t create a content item and push it to your site.

You decide when to push content to us, and when to pull it back.

You can also set what happens to content when it is pulled back into your website – for example, whether to publish posts sent to us as draft.

Setting up the GatherContent WordPress plugin

You’ll find the plugin on the WordPress Repository and set-up instructions are here:

To set up your site to work with our GatherContent account, you’ll also need our email address and GatherContent URL, plus an API Key.

The first two are here:

GatherContent email address: pat[at] (use @)

Platform URL:

Obviously, you need to ask us for the API key.

Enter these details, then select your project, and you should be connected.

Template mappings and settings

You’ll then need to look at template mappings and statuses, instructions for which are here:

We have two simple templates, one for a blog post and one for a page – unless we’re creating a custom template for you.

We normally use the fields for post/page title, body of content and Yoast SEO description.

You should be able to map these fields to the corresponding fields in WordPress for each template.

The simplest way to map statuses is to set them so there’s no change to WordPress status on export.

This means that if we edit an article that is already published, it remains published when we export it, and if it’s draft it stays draft.

This is especially important if we work with content that is already live on your site.

You can also use mapping to change status within GatherContent on import, so that an imported article immediately goes to Edit status – there’s an example of this above.

How to Push/Pull content between GatherContent and WordPress

First, log into your WordPress site and open the post you want to send to us in the Editor.

In the top right you’ll see this:

Just follow the instructions to map the post to a template:

Set the account, set the project (you should get only one option for each) and choose the template.

You’re now ready to push the post into GatherContent.

To sent us your content item, just click on the Push button.

Don’t forget you’ll need to change the item’s workflow status if you want us to edit it. You can either pre-set this in template mapping (see above) or do it manually – see our guide to Workflow Status for more information.