Workflow Status in GatherContent

Editing content with GatherContent relies on a workflow system to keep things running smoothly.

Each item of content is assigned a status which indicates how far it is through our editing process it is, and changing status triggers certain actions.

As a client, you’ll only be directly involved at the beginning and the end of the process, as most of the workflow is for us to use – but you can log in at any time and see where we are with your content.

A typical workflow

It varies slightly from project to project (and whether you’re using the WordPress plugin) but the first stage is usually New Item.

Workflow for adding a new item

You can create a new item and paste your content into it and its status will be set to New Item.

When you’re ready for us to look at a content item, you need to do two things:

  • Change its status, usually to Main Edit and Comments
  • Send an alert to the How’s my English team that tells us your content is ready for editing

You can do this in one go. When in your content item, just click on the article status – in the top left, under the article title.

All available statuses will appear.

Just click on the next one down and you’ll see this screen:

To notify us, just click on the Loop someone in link and add our email addresses – they should autofill. Click Update status and you’re finished.

This will send us an email alert telling us your content item is ready.

Workflow after editing

When your content is ready, we use this system to change the status and notify you by email.

You can log in to GatherContent, read our notes and comments, and export it ready for use.

When you’ve done this, don’t forget to change the status to show you have exported the content. There’s no need to notify us.

This lets us know you have finished with it and we can archive the item.

Example Workflow

This is a typical workflow for a WordPress based blog.