We’re proud to sponsor WordCamps

Our business owes a lot to WordPress – not just because we used it to build more than 150 websites in our years as web designers, but because the WordPress Community helped us to grow as a business and as people.

How’s my English would not exist if it were not for the international WordPress Community, through which we have made lasting friendships with some of the most genuine and giving people we have ever met.

WordPress and How’s my English

Microsponsors - WordCamp NL 2016

Much of our client base so far has come from WordPress-related businesses, including hosting companies, some major plug-in vendors and SEO work.

We’re frequent attenders of WordCamps across Europe, and, with the growth of English writing, it’s fair to say WordPress has given us an enthusiastic audience for our services.

Giving back to WordPress

WordPress has given us a lot, which is why we’re happy to give back in some small way to sponsor WordCamps across Europe.

So far we have been community sponsors of WordCamp Netherlands 2016, Bronze Sponsors of WordCamp Cologne 2016, and Balcony Sponsors of 2017’s WordCamp London, and we’re planning on more European WordCamps in 2017 and beyond.

We’ll happily get involved in any WordCamp in Europe with English tracks or English sessions.

We can help with the English version of your WordCamp website. In fact we’re already working with the authors of one European WordCamp site.

We’re also available as WordCamp speakers on English content topics.

So if you’re planning a WordCamp in Europe, especially one with an English language track, please get in touch!

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