Why use How’s my English?

The quality of your English website content is more important than ever before.

Why use How's my English?

We’ve all visited websites with poorly written pages and struggled to understand what the writer is trying to say.

Don’t let this be you!

Before publishing a new web page or blog post, do you ever wonder if you make sense to your readers?

Do you worry whether you have made mistakes you can’t see – mistakes that could change the sense of what you have written?

Google’s Hummingbird update made quality of English web content more important than ever, but more critically your audience will trust your business far more if you don’t make grammatical and spelling errors.

Introducing How’s my English

We help people who write in English when it’s not their native language.

More and more people are blogging in English as a way of reaching a wider audience, many of whom will not be native English speakers themselves

How’s my English is more than just an editing service

Our aim is to make your web content (or printed material) make sense to as wide an audience as possible, while teaching you to improve your writing.

It means you can grow in confidence as an English writer, safe in the knowledge that we will pick up any mistakes.

When we edit your content, we only change what needs to be changed, and we’ll tell you what we did and why.

We’ll also give you general hints and tips to help you become a confident and natural writer in English.