Who we are

Teacher writing on blackboard

We’re native English speakers who have been writing for business websites in the UK market for many years.

In that time we’ve seen massive growth in the use of English on websites in Europe especially, but we noticed that often a simple translation was not enough.

To us as native English speakers, many of these websites and blog posts simply did not make sense, but some would only need a little change here and there to be perfect.

Thus, How’s my English was born.

Who are we?

In the UK and the WordPress Community across Europe, you may have come across us as Moghill, a small WordPress agency in rural England.

We specialised in business websites and WooCommerce web shops, mainly. And we started a local WordPress MeetUp.

Despite being ‘web designers’, our background has always been in content. As Moghill we have always written the content for our clients, and our roots go back to newspapers and legal writing.

This has all given us the ability to edit content from many different sectors, including:

  • Technology
  • Health and beauty
  • Business consulting
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Finance
  • Service sector
  • Tourism

Since 2013 we have been increasingly involved in the European WordPress Community, especially WordCamp Europe.