Yoast.com recommends How’s my English!

We’re over the moon to be featured on the Yoast.com website and to have our work recommended by them!

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Yoast.com is one of the biggest names in the WordPress world, and specialises in Search Engine Optimization software for WordPress and other web content management systems.

But they are SEO’s at heart and also run SEO courses and publish e-books. They also understand that good SEO means publishing a lot of relevant content regularly on their website.

And as a Dutch company, many of Yoast’s writers have excellent English skills, but they still needed native English speakers – especially those with an understanding of websites, WordPress and SEO – to check their content.

Often they were finding that visitors were misunderstanding articles on their blog due to the quality of their English. Furthermore, discussions in the comments revolved around points of grammar, rather than the subject of the article.

As SEO’s, Yoast understands that the quality of English on your website helps it appears in search, because Google understands it better.

Editing Yoast’s printed newsletter

We started by working with Yoast’s content team to produce their printed newsletter: a collection of useful SEO articles, company news and fun articles for publication at WordCamp Europe in June 2017 and WordCamp US later in the year.

Our aim was to make their English content flow better, whilst retaining the voice of the writer, to encourage the Yoast content team to learn and improve their English.

And now the newsletter project is complete, we’ll be working with Yoast on improving their blog posts, which should keep us busy for a while!

Yoast Partner Marieke van den Rakt said: “As our company grows, so do the demands on our English skills. We have an awesome content team, but they’re just not native English.

“That’s why we’ve partnered with howsmyenglish.com, where Patrick and Fiona Barnes edit many of our articles and give feedback on our use of English. We’re learning a lot from them!”

And Yoast have published a blog post explaining why the quality of English is so important for SEO: Yoast.com: How’s your English?

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